Suosan Tsang, 26, is an ad sales executive with Emap Elan. She lives in south London It's got very hip, swanky packaging and it's got that minimalist, Ikea kind of look which is quite pretentious. The way Marc Xero's name is spelt is tacky and the label on the back? No way! I like the frosted bottle but it doesn't go with a bottle of wine ­ it looks like it's trying to copy a bottle of peach schnapps. I know the screw top is very practical but I prefer traditional corks. It's a full yellow colour and it looks like a medium sweet wine, whereas I like my wines pale and crisp. It smells very alcoholic, but the taste evaporates so quickly I hardly had a chance to taste any flavour. You know when you've tasted a really good wine, and this definitely isn't one of them! Rating out of 25 ­ 13 {{DRINKS }}