John Walford, 29, is an advertising manager from north London The packaging was understated in a rustic way (a far cry from sticks of Dynamite that I have come across before), and consequently did intrigue me. On opening and pouring the bottle, it was the deep amber colour that struck me very pleasantly first, followed by a strong refreshing smell of apples. The taste was very pleasant and has managed to avoid being as sickly as a lot of the other high alcohol ciders. My one criticism is that it does not come over as all that different from the mainstream ciders. The understated packaging promised a return to a more traditional scrumpy and it has not quite delivered in my opinion. Having said that it is a super-premium cider that is clean and refreshing, and I believe it will do well even though it is not different enough to take the market by storm. Rating out of 25 - 16 {{DRINKS }}