Steve Lampert, 32, is a manager at a data processing centre and lives in south east London This has a rather bog standard label. There's nothing wrong with it but there's not much right with it either. But, interestingly, it's got quite a large punt for a £3.99 bottle of wine. The wine is a dark ruby red colour and it's got a faint hint of black cherry on the nose. However it's not as distinguishable a smell as other Pinot Noirs I've drunk. It feels quite young and aggressive in the mouth and it's got a smoky, acrid aftertaste that isn't at all pleasant. I'm not impressed with it and it's not something I'd choose to buy having tried it, even at £3.99. In fact, the more I drink it the less I like it. It's not the worst wine I've ever tasted but it's pretty close. Rating out of 25 ­ 3 {{DRINKS }}