Matthew Baxter, 23, partner in double glazing business, Truro, Cornwall Magma's packaging is very similar to every other shot bottle in the market, except for the liquid inside. Unlike its competition, this was more of a knock and chew rather than a straight knock back! It looked radioactive in the bottle. On opening, the bottle the air was filled with cinnamon and spice, which was a good thing because it distracted us from the oil-like substance as it glooped out of the bottle. First hit is the cinnamon flavour with a kick not unlike a Blackpool pleasure beach mule, then Magma's full power kicks in with mouth burning chilli. To be fair, not very nice at all. After the second shot it was all over, no one returned to the table. With Aftershock, Goldschlager and even Absinthe at least you know what you're getting into but this ­ never again! Rating out of 25­ 2 {{DRINKS }}