Lindsay Kent, 23, graphic designer at Condé Nast Publications, London On first impressions, this product looks fairly classy and mature, but the name gives it away. Limonesco sounds fun, youthful and, more importantly, non-alcoholic. The smell instantly took me back to my alcopop days ­ a powerful sparkly lemon with just enough of an alcoholic hint to remind you it's not quite lemonade. The taste is loyal to the smell ­ fresh, light and zingy ­ a refreshing beer garden in the summer' flavour. I can see what they are aiming at, and they're almost there. It's the alcopop for young drinkers who wish to appear mature drinkers! Maybe I'm past it, or maybe I just like my alcohol to taste like alcohol, but I think I'll stick to my lager. Rating out of 25 ­ 18 {{DRINKS }}