Viv Honey, 50, child minder and foster parent, Bagshot, Surrey The label was simple, clear and unpretentious, and the bottle slim and elegant-looking. At 19% abv, this was not going to be one with which to fill a glass and take a long drink. Served chilled as an aperitif, it stimulated the tongue and tasted light and clean with a mildly sweet aftertaste, warming the tummy. But it's similarity to sherry put me off. My husband, however, thought it was great. After our meal and sweet of apple and blackcurrant pie, my husband tried another glass and really enjoyed it. He said it cut right through all the other tastes in his mouth, and was not heavy and sweet like some other after-dinner wines. It had the appearance of brandy in the glass, but was easier to drink. However, he preferred it as an aperitif and thought it was great chilled. Rating out of 25 ­ 18 {{DRINKS }}