Nigel Snook, 49, a civil servant from Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset. I don't like the label much, but that is not surprising since it comes from a microbrewer. It is just not eyecatching enough, in fact it is fairly boring. At first glance it looks like a winter ale. As far as taste goes, the beer started out well, but I didn't like the aftertaste. It was earthy initially, and hoppy, but the aftertaste reminded me of non-alcoholic beer. I like to try lots of different types of beer, but I would not buy this one again. It does not fulfil its promise when you drink it, and there is not enough depth or body to it. The label may attract people to buy it for a father and the back label's description of how it is brewed is appealing, but otherwise the presentation is a bit naff. It is the kind of beer that might be quite pleasant on a summer's evening and I would probably be tempted if there was a price deal such as four for £5. Rating out of 25 ­ 15 {{DRINKS }}