Stephanie Baldwin, 26, assistant editor of a news based web site from Marchmont, Edinburgh I think the bottle looks good, especially the predominantly black label against the dark glass. The design is simple, slightly humorous, and elegant, it hints at a wine that is more expensive than this one is. As a design point, the label is a nice graphic representation of the brand name. It shouts new country wine and is a far cry from the often ostentatious, old-fashioned, European style of labelling that for me sums up the snobbery that can still surround the wine category. The wine looks the part, is a nice deep colour and has a reasonable bouquet. On first taste, I considered it quite acidic and sharp, but after the first couple of sips I started to taste richer, earthier flavours coming through and warmed to it a lot more. At £4.99, this is a wine I would happily buy, and take to a dinner party and not be embarrassed to offer round. I will be looking out for it... Rating out of 25 ­ 20 {{DRINKS }}