Blanche-Adrienne Harper, 31, art editor at Condé Nast Publications Yuk! I found this drink sweeter than cherryade and actually rather sickly. Despite the classy label and packaging, I'm sure it will only really appeal to youngsters who want to drink alcohol in disguise. The overriding taste of cherries is a bit too much for me ­ I prefer drinks that are a little more subtle in flavour. I'm not usually a big fan of alcopops, and this certainly wouldn't be my first choice. However, if there is a market for cherry flavoured drinks, I'm sure this one could do well. The bright red colour certainly makes it stand out ­ though I don't know how much of that is to do with the cherries and how much to do with the artificial colourings! I liked the overall look of the bottle, but I just wouldn't choose something that sweet as a drink. Two or three of these, and I think I'd be feeling very hyper from all the sugar content, and very, very sick. Rating out of 25 ­ 4 {{DRINKS }}