Rachel Kebbell, 32, housewife, East Grinstead, West Sussex As soon as I saw this bottle I was impressed. The unusual shape caught my eye immediately, as did the irregularly shaped label. These details led me to believe that if as much attention had been paid to the wine as its presentation, I was sure to enjoy it. Having opened the bottle easily, without having to pick off shreds of foil with my fingernails, I found the colour of the bottle matched perfectly the pale clean colour of the wine. Neither was I disappointed by the taste, pleasantly dry and crisp with a hint of fruitiness. Having just returned from a holiday in Perth, Western Australia, I could picture myself in my friend's hammock, chilling on the veranda, a gentle breeze and a glass of this wine taking the edge off the heat of the summer's day. I will definitely buy this wine to enjoy on one of our English summer days this year, to accompany some barbecued fish on my own patio. Rating out of 25 ­ 18 {{DRINKS }}