A nutraceuticals company has produced what it claims is the next generation of spring water, offering a number of targeted health benefits as well as refreshment.
Works With Water is a brand of six flavoured water drinks which are being launched this month into the multiples and health stores, each aimed at specific consumer groups.
For women there is Delicate Balance and for children Little Squirts, each containing the prebiotic ingredient Beneo, which aids the digestive system.
Male-oriented drinks are Eau Man and Water of Life, with added soluble dietary fibre. Then there are Eau So Cool and Aqua Family, which contain a formula proven to optimise calcium absorption by almost 20%. The drinks, which have taken some two years to develop, are claimed to offer a refreshing alternative to healthy fruit juices.
Jules Birch, founder and marketing director at brand owner Works With Water Nutraceuticals, said: “We wanted consumers to really understand the health benefits and enjoy the taste. Our association with Beneo ensures that the consumer has confidence in our products and can easily
Stefan Chomka