1859: Henry Tate and his two sons, Alfred and Edwin, found Henry Tate & Sons.

1865: Abram Lyle and four business partners purchase the Glebe Sugar Refinery.

1921: Tate & Lyle was formed by the merging of Henry Tate and Abram Lyle's refining companies. Its Thames refinery is now the only sugar refinery in the UK.

1976: The company acquired a one-third stake in Amylum, which established for the first time a major interest in cereal sweetener and starch-based manufacturing.

1998: The company bought the citric acid business of Haarmann & Reimer, a subsidiary of Bayer AG, to become the world's leading producer of citric acid.

2004: Tate & Lyle became the sole manufacturer of Splenda sucralose.