>>the benefits of bringing farmers and supermarkets together

Lincolnshire-based pig producer and processor George Adams has been running the LincPork Scheme with a group of English pig farmers since April 2000.
In September the scheme grew when supermarket group Budgens joined the team, says Jim Symons, general sales manager at George Adams.
The aim of the partnership, he explains, is to ensure a consistently high quality supply of home produced pork at an affordable price for both the consumer and farmer.
“Getting together with Budgens was the last link in the chain,” says Symons. “We were already supplying Budgens with pork products but we asked them if they wanted to take advantage of the LincPork scheme.”
To be part of LincPork, farmers must rear a specific breed of pig with the aim of getting a consistent quality of product as well as a higher than average yield. George Adams says that each LincPork pig is worth about £1.30 above the average pig, of which £1 goes back to the farmer.
Because the farmers, processor and Budgens are working together, everyone benefits, says Symons. As well as getting a premium product, Budgens gets a marketing tool because of the attractive local sourcing story attached.
He adds: “The scheme works well and gives everyone a share of the rewards. The partnership is an example of what can be achieved if everyone in the chain is prepared to work together.”

everyone wins from partnership approach