Sugar & cd:uk magazine, two of Attic Futura's teen titles, are aiming to bring in more readers by launching new mobile phone SMS services this month. Mobile phones and accessories have a high appeal to teenage girls and Attic Futura says the services offered through its titles will be the first of their kind that are available on all four mobile networks and on pay-as-you-go contracts as well as monthly billing contracts. Both services use an SMS shortcode, enabling users to get information to their phone. The June issue of cd:uk magazine, on sale May 24, will launch a premium SMS Ring Tone service. Readers send a message to the SMS shortcode printed in the magazine to receive their chosen ring tone. The July issue of Sugar, on sale May 31, will also launch a premium SMS service. Sugar readers will be able to receive text messages from about their favourite pop stars. To subscribe, readers send a text message to the Sugar shortcode. {{CTN }}