Bacardi-Martini is seeking to increase sales of its vermouth brand with a £1.2m radio and press assault.
Martini is targeting 25 to 54-year-old females by attempting to capture the essence of the "wind-down moment at the end of the day when relaxation begins".
The drinks giant hopes the tag line Martini ­ the perfect start to the end of the day' will inspire consumers to follow how the drink is consumed in Italy where, apparently, "everything stops at 7 o'clock for a Martini".
Press ads will feature different recipes using the three variants ­ Rosso, Bianco and Extra Dry ­ while radio ads across 19 local stations will have different scripts to relay the message.
A link-up with London's Heart FM includes a promotion to win a Martini moment' including dinner in the capital plus overnight hotel. The campaign runs until December.