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Introduced in conjunction TV celebrity cef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall of River Cottage fame, premium bottled ale Stinger is made from fresh organic Dorset nettles

Price: £1.89 per bottle
Mike Freed, commissioning manager, 38, brockley, LONDON

I try to avoid eating weeds, despite my Turkish stepmother’s cooking in the past, but the nettles in Stinger Ale appear to have given this fresh beer a hint of fruity zest.

On tasting the beer, it proved to be a light and wheaty offering with no bitter aftertaste. It would probably make for excellent summer drinking, while perhaps lacking a bit of clout in the winter months.

After exhaustive research on producers River Cottage and Badger Ale - that is, checking their web sites - their traditional methods and sustainable approach makes this beer and its price even more palatable.

Total score: 34/50
Product: Stinger
Company: Hall & Woodhouse

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