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Snack bar Nákd is a protein-rich bar positioned as an endurance product while Trek has been designed to have more of a feminine appeal
suzie howson, nurse, 24, Launceston, Cornwall
These bars work well as alternative snacks in between meals. The healthy ingredients make them appealing. However, although they don’t taste unpleasant, they have a rather strong flavour and smell, as well as proving also rather dry.
The bars are filling and kept hunger at bay but I did not feel I had any more energy after eating a Trek bar.
I liked the range of flavours and the packaging is fun and trendy, which makes them stand out.
However, price could be a problem as unknowing customers could see them as rather expensive compared with similar products on the market.
Total score: 20/50
Product: nákd and trek Company: natural balance foods
Price: Trek, 99p; nákd, 89pconsumer’s verdict