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From: Bacardi-Martini

A combination of Californian Chardonnay, spring water and berry flavours, this new spritzer brand is aimed at female consumers looking for an alternative to other drinks in the RTD sector.

Price: £1.39 for a 275 ml bottle

Total score: 32/50
consumer’s verdict

Hazel Philips, 26, shoe retailer, Isle of Wight

When I first tasted the drink, I immediately thought it was really refreshing - perfect for a summer’s evening.

The flavour was very subtle and didn’t taste too alcoholic or enhanced. Initially, the berry flavour complemented the wine perfectly. However, after three bottles the taste became rather sickly.

Score: 20/25
buyer’s verdict

Sally Holloway, wine and spirits buyer, Booths

The distinctive and eye-catching colours are visually appealing and will be an instant attraction to potential consumers on the shop floor.

Screwcaps are becoming increasingly popular throughout the industry and I am sure that the addition of a screwcap in this instance will enhance its popularity - especially in the summer months, when having a picnic.

On opening, the spritzer has an artificial, fruity nose, which overindulges in crisp berry flavours and does not get better when drunk.

The dry, bitter finish cannot compete with similar products such as Bacardi Breezer. Personally, I would prefer to ask for a traditional white wine spritzer in a bar or restaurant rather than sample this ready made combination of artificial flavours.

Score: 12/25