Most of this has been in the AA size - for example Duracell's 4 + 4 free offer - the largest size sector which has gained volume share but lost share of value as the average price paid per battery has fallen. As a result of this branded activity, the own label share of the market has fallen significantly.
Duracell remains number one in the market, followed by Energizer, and Panasonic at number three. Next are two own label lines, Tesco and Wilkinson's, followed by some of the smaller brands, such as Kodak and Rayovac.
The trade structure of the market is fragmented and, although multiple grocers have again increased their share, it still remains below 40%. Tesco is the leading grocery account but value growth has come from Asda and Morrisons. Safeway remains highly active in this market but, despite having gained significantly in volume share, its value share has remained static due to its heavy dealing.
Elsewhere, Woolworths remains a significant player with the remainder of the market spread across different trade sectors, among which DIY/hardware have shown good gains.
Lionel Wiggins, client service director, Taylor Nelson Sofres