SINGLE PRICE ­ Wal-Mart can sell many products at the same price worldwide, giving it a stronger competitive edge in territories such as Germany and South America, where fmcg prices are generally higher than in the US. SOURCE TAGGING ­ a long bone of contention between retailers and suppliers as to who should pay for tagging during manufacture, Wal-Mart has agreed standard practices worldwide and is seeing reductions in shrinkage of 50% on some products. CURRENCY HEDGING ­ only 30% of Ahold's sales are on home territory. With new goals for global sourcing, the company can counteract the impact of currency fluctuations. SUPPLY CHAIN CONTROL ­ Ahold has reduced the number of suppliers it works with worldwide and has tighter control of the supply chain. ONE WORLD PROMOTIONS ­ Ahold has been exemplary in sourcing and conducting promotions across borders. {{COVER FEATURE }}