Slimmers with a sweet tooth will be well advised to avert their eyes when passing the Lyle's Golden Syrup factory in east London. If they don't, they may find themselves tempted to stray from their strict dietary regime by a huge replica of the company's sticky treat.

The 4m-high tin has been installed on the front of the Plaistow factory and marks the end of a refurbishment programme at the site.

Manufactured from laminated aluminium, the giant can took a month to make and four men, including a crane driver, to install. The sign weighs 270kg, though a full tin of Lyle's Golden Syrup this size would weigh 18 tonnes. Alison Ashman, senior brand manager for Lyle's Golden Syrup, said: "Although Lyle's Golden Syrup already has high brand awareness, this reminds people that the product is still relevant today. Exposure is huge because it can be seen clearly in the local area, from trains and cars as well as the nearby City Airport."