"I felt that there were a lot of consumers who, like me, were dissatisfied with the quality of organic ranges and wanted to see better tasting, authentic products under an organic banner," he explained.
The Oxfordshire-based business has so far brought out two ranges. Authentic Trattoria Pasta Sauces in Tomato, Pepper & Herb, Sicilian Tomato & Olive and Arrabiata variants were launched 18 months ago in delis and now have listings in Safeway and Sainsbury stores. Meanwhile, a range of Luxury Organic soft-set, low sugar, high fruit conserves, where most of the 45% sugar content comes from the fruit itself, hit deli shelves earlier this year. Two or three other convenience products are in the pipeline.
Morgan has brought in contributors to help with the technical side of the business as well as recipe development. His own background included 10 years' experience in the fmcg arena, spent mainly with Procter & Gamble, so he was well-schooled in the need for consumer testing, especially as the products are aimed at ABC1 consumers.
According to Morgan, the sauces ­ which claim an authentic trattoria taste ­ were "significantly preferred" by testers to the bestselling non-organic premium brands as well as organic ones.