from Steve Richards, HDM Total Communication, London
Sir; l found The Saturday Essay from Lever Faberge's Keith Weed (The Grocer, November 2, p26) enlightening and l especially liked the notion of the "narrowing generation gap". Did it not again raise the old chestnut of identifying the difference between the buyer and the user?
We learnt 20% of Impulse buyers are in their 40s/50s. Are we sure this is self-purchase? Perhaps they are buying on behalf of their older daughters who, as the article suggests, are still living at home. Maybe the women of the house are sharing brands? Seems reasonable.
The real conundrum are the blokes. We read that 20% of the over 50s "buy" Lynx. This is natural behaviour if they are dads conned into buying for their increasingly well groomed 11+ sons who keep pocket money safely in their pockets when it comes to toiletries.
I've been duped myself. But are these dads users of the brand in the correct sense? I somehow doubt it. The concept that the Lynx effect works for men over 50 would mean the office Christmas party will never be quite the same again!