Stories from The Grocer always make good fodder for the national press and broadcasting media but this past week has seen the spotlight on our industry even more than usual.

Thanks to the Sunday Express for its namecheck when reporting on plummeting Cadbury chocolate sales. Meanwhile The Grocer's news editor appeared on Channel 5 and Sky News talking about the same subject on the day of Cadbury's results.

Chocolate was also flavour of the month in The Express, with it picking up our story on the launch of Kit Kat Dark.

Over at The Guardian they were more interested in last week's story about Tesco and Asda running trials to ban cheques, with the paper calling for readers to drop the two "cheap, greedy, spreading like Quatermass" retailers rather than dropping their cheque book. The Daily Mail took a more balanced approach in its coverage of the story.

Last week's lead story about Scottish & Newcastle featured heavily in the weekend and Monday press, with the Daily Express, Sunday Times and the Telegraph among those following up the brewer's submission to the Competition Commission about supermarkets discounting alcohol to generate footfall.

With the heatwave came a focus on vegetable shortages and fresh foods editor Sam Fortescue was called to explain the situation to BBC Radio Bristol's listeners. Later on BBC South East he discussed a new variety of blackcurrant. Phew!