Food scares, cookery programmes and increased interest in what goes into food are all refuelling an interest in home baking.

A survey for Enlightenment, the consumer insight arm of the British Market Research Bureau, indicated that not only are the Brits more interested in cooking at home than they were three years ago, but consumers are also more likely to make time for it.

According to sales statistics the home baking market has grown 6% year-on-year, twice the rate of total grocery [TNS, 21 May 2006].

The Enlightenment research indicated that in 2003, 44% of adults really enjoyed cooking but this has now risen to 48%.

In the same time period, the proportion of adults who say they do not have time to prepare and cook food has dropped 2% to an estimated 3.7 million. Manufacturers believe that consumers - particularly parents - are reassured by baking at home because they know what is going into food.

David Wright, director of GR Wright & Sons, market leader in bread mixes, said: "The media hype surrounding organic food and an increased awareness of the environmental impact of food travelling long distances before it reaches supermarket shelves have contributed to the growing popularity of cooking from scratch and home baking is no exception."