Ambient soft drinks are on the rise in the convenience sector with major growth from water, healthier options and the sports drinks sector. Within carbonates, consumers are choosier about what they are buying and any growth here is coming from 'healthier' products with no added sugar and higher fruit content.

Consumers are looking for functionality and health benefits and they also want new products, with the most interesting innovation coming through in juices, water and health/dietary areas. Energy drinks are traditionally a male market but Danone has a new energy water targeting women. Vitamin waters are making their way into the UK market and we're testing V Water, but I don't think UK consumers understand the concept yet.

Drinks with plant extracts are also coming through and we're seeing growth from products with berry ingredients.

Health trends are key in kids' drinks. Sugar is seen as a major offender and all the manufacturers are launching sugar-free and low-sugar variants.