CLO Babycare and pregnancy D C Thomson has confirmed that Babycare and pregnancy will cease to be published after the November issue, on sale October 12. L Our Cats Annual 2001 Issue dated 2001 will go on sale November 24, priced at £4.95, MarketForce L Logic Problems Annual A special, issue dated No 20, priced at £2.50 and on sale November 2, full SoR, on sale period 9 weeks, distributed by MarketForce. L Glamour A British edition of Glamour will be launched by Conde Nast Publications in the spring of next year. The magazine will launch with an editorial and business team supported by a first-year marketing spend of £5m. L Collectibles Celtic sticker album and stickers goes on sale September 9 ­- not September 14 as announced earlier. Album priced at £1.25 and stickers at £0.35 a packet. Also on sale on the new on-sale date are Rangers sticker album and stickers, Album £1.25 and stickers £0.35 per pack, MarketForce. {{CTN }}