L 100% magazine This monthly title, designed for girls aged from eight to 18 years old, is due to launch on November 23, priced at £2.50, MarketForce L Glamour A British edition of Glamour will be launched by Condé Nast. Publication is in the spring of next year. The magazine will launch with an editorial and business team supported by a first year marketing spend of £5m P 19 Magazine The young women's glossy has teamed up with Aerodeon, themobile marketing specialists, to launch an innovative text- messaging service for its 148,000 readers. Promoted in the November, the text service received messages from 26,000 readers in the first week L Mini calendars New from Beano's book publishing partner, Geddes & Grosset,is a range of pocketsize character calendars. The mini-calendars featuring a number of popular characters, retail at £1.50 each {{CTN }}