P Moneywise magazine The October issue, on sale this week, celebrates the 10th anniversary of the UK's biggest selling personal finance magazine. To celebrate, the issue looks back at 10 years of events, and it will be supported by a high profile PR campaign targeting national and regional titles and broadcast media L Our Cats Annual 2001 issue dated 2001 will go on sale November 24, priced at £4.95, MarketForce L Logic Problems Annual A special issue dated No. 20, priced at £2.50 and on sale November 2, full SoR, on sale period nine weeks, distributed by MarketForce L Glamour A British edition of Glamour will be launched by Condé Nast Publications in spring. The magazine will launch with an editorial and business team supported by a first year marketing spend of £5m. MER MotorSport Collector will be merged into Model Collector with immediate effect. The issue now on sale, Summer 2000, will be the last issue published, MarketForce {{CTN }}