Healthy eating continued to hit the headlines this week, boosted by TV chef Jamie Oliver's high-profile school meals crusade. As The Sunday Times reported that mums had stopped smuggling junk food parcels to their kids through the school gates, the Sunday Express said that the government was planning to provide parents with instructions on how to make packed lunches for their children. The leaflets, the reports said, would provide basic information on fruit, vegetables and wholegrain bread and would be distributed to schools soon. Meanwhile, in an interview in the the weekend supplement of the Daily Mail, Jamie Oliver revealed plans to teach everyone to cook "after 25 years of neglect" - via his new book - and praised supermarkets for ditching hydrogenated fats and cheap foods. He added that Sainsbury's, for which he has been the face for the past seven years, "is a very different place now than it used to be". As well as devoting a whole supplement to 'green living' the Observer Food Monthly tested the best vegetarian food available and investigated, positively, the effectiveness of the RSPCA's Freedom Food scheme. Another food scheme under investigation in the Financial Mail was Fairtrade from which, the paper claimed, retailers took 32p out of every pound spent on products. Of the estimated £200m spent on Fairtrade products in the UK, it said, only £42m made its way back to the developing world.