With the first anniversary of the liberation of licensing laws on alcohol approaching, it was no surprise that this week's media attention was directed at the alcohol industry. The Daily Mail went to town on Britain's binge drinking culture, publishing images of a typical Saturday night and statistics about alcohol-fuelled violence and arrests, hospital admissions and crime rates. The Mail also focused on the launch of the government's new campaign to stamp out binge drinking, but said the campaign "makes no mention of Labour's move to round-the-clock drinking following the biggest liberation of the licensing laws in half a century". The Guardian's approach to the new campaign was less critical. However, it did quote public health minister Caroline Flint complaining that "throwing up in public places" had become "almost a badge of honour" for the young. The Independent on Sunday debated proposals to put health warnings on vintage bottles of wine. It said the wine world was "in revolt" over the government's proposals, which would force the drinks industry to label bottles and cans with the dangers of alcohol. The Times on Sunday said that even "grand crus from the great French vineyards" would be expected to comply. Health issues were also tackled by the Sunday Express. It said an epidemic of heart disease and diabetes would hit today's children in 10 to 14 years' time, making them "the first generation that will die before their parents".