Binge drinking horror stories were once again splashed across the front pages this week, as new figures emerged on just how much (or too much) alcohol is downed in the UK.

The Independent on Sunday devoted six pages to the issue, revealing results from a study into drinking habits that claimed that women in England and Ireland are the worst binge drinkers in the world. The survey found that one in three women aged 17 to 30 is classed as a heavy drinker, 11 times more than in Germany and Italy. Meanwhile, Jamie Oliver, celebrity chef and the face of Sainsbury's, was notching up a few more column inches. The Independent on Sunday reported that his two companies, Sweet as Candy Holdings and Sweet as Candy Limited, accumulated a profit of £2.5m last year, figures boosted by book and TV sales in Asia and Eastern Europe. However, Jamie would have been tearing his hair out over a report in the Daily Express which revealed that fewer than half of mothers serve up a family meal where everyone sits at the table to eat at the same time. A survey found that mums often cook up to three different meals a night.

But, perhaps, he would have welcomed reports in the Sunday Mirror, which suggested that, contrary to popular belief, northerners were more likely to buy malted and wholegrain breads than a white loaf. Residents in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, ate the most white bread.