As our Weigh It Up campaign continues to throw the spotlight on the farce that is the Food Standards Agency's Nutrient Profiling Model, the Daily Express reports that eating porridge or wholegrain cereal every day can cut the risk of heart problems by 28%. It cites a US study that tracked the diets and health of 10,000 american doctors for 24 years. Meanwhile, the furore over tainted supermarket petrol continues with The Telegraph claiming that the crisis in the south east could end up costing the supermarkets about £10m. Tesco, Asda and Morrisons - the chains at the centre of the fuel problems, have pledged to compensate customers who can prove their cars were damaged by the petrol, which contained traces of silicon. However, they have refused to cover the loss of earnings by salesmen, taxi drivers and others whose jobs rely on their cars. The Daily Express also reported that petrol bosses knew about the contamination a week ago.

The Financial Times warns that consumers could face rising food prices as demand for biofuel pushes up the prices of corn and other grains for the long term. And The Mail on Sunday, the Daily Telegraph and The Observer all report that Sainsbury's bosses are growing impatient and are expected to tell potential bidders to 'put up or shut up'. The chain is expected to ask the City's bids watchdog, the Takeover Panel, to issue an ultimatum to private equity stalkers.