The main theme in the newspapers this week was quality, with The Independent stating that Japan's Agriculture Ministry is tired of the poor standard of Japanese cuisine abroad and is considering setting up a certification system to weed out the below-par offerings.

It quotes a Japanese housewife who says she was "surprised" by the poor standard of Japanese food in the UK. The ministry is hoping the standard will help Japanese companies sell more soy sauce and authentic products.

But if our standard of Japanese food is disappointing it would appear that our supermarkets' champagne is not. According to The Express, food critic Egon Ronay claims that supermarkets' own label Champagne is as good, if not better, than much of the top-branded bubbly. In a blind taste test of 30 bottles of supermarket Champagne the top three were described as excellent. Ronay said the range and quality of supermarket Champagne was "a revelation".

But Tesco did not fare quite so well in The Sun, with a story about how a vegetarian found a live locust in a bag of own brand salad. According to the paper the dismayed 31 year old said: "I'm a vegetarian, so finding a live creature was like adding insult to injury." Quite.

The Financial Times reports that supermarkets are struggling to keep up with demand for organic produce as consumers become more health-conscious.

Demand for organic foods has rocketed, it said, fuelling the need for imports.