The health of our bodies but also of our wallets and bank balances were hot topics in the papers this week.

The Guardian reported that the cost of life and critical health cover could soon start expanding in line with the nation's waist measurements, and that insurance premiums could be set to rise by as much as 50% as insurers try to catch up on the obesity explosion.

Meanwhile, The Observer made our wallets ache some more after it reported that Tesco's self-service tills were offering fraudsters a loophole in the chip and PIN system. The paper said that many of the retailer's tills, which were designed to speed up the checkout process, still accepted card transactions without asking for a pin number, an error that it claimed had resulted in a number of cases of card fraud.

The Mirror revealed that drinking cola could cause a weakening of women's bones, increasing the risk of osteoporosis. It alleged that just four glasses a week could have a damaging effect.

The Guardian was also busy questioning the evidence that lies behind claims that Omega-3 makes children brainier. Finally, one man who might have the key to a healthier lifestyle is 88-year-old Portsmouth resident Jim Gunter whose 'grape expectations' story headlined in The Mirror this week 41 years after he first sowed a seed. Gunter's grapefruit tree has finally produced a bumper crop of that vitamin-packed weight loss-enhancing fruit.