The fall out from the Farepak scandal dominated the news this week with The Mirror publishing pictures of the million pound homes of the bosses of the collapsed hamper scheme company.

The Daily Mail also stuck the knife in and reported that the family behind Farepak paid itself £7m before the collapse. The Independent, however, took a slightly different stance by speaking to chairman Sir Clive Thompson who, it claims, says Farepak was "hung out to dry" by its bankers.

The Guardian also ran the story, claiming that customers of the collapsed Christmas savings company could have lost up to £120m, and politicians waded in to have their say.

On a different theme, major retailers were branded scrooges for donating less than 10% of charity Christmas card sales.

The Mirror reported that posh stores such as Harrods and Selfridges were the meanest retailers and claimed Harrods donated on average 6.6% from cards.

Elsewhere The Sunday Times claimed the Treasury is bracing itself for the results of a legal test case that could allow British shoppers to buy cut price alcohol and cigarettes from the Continent via the internet.

The European Court of Justice is expected to rubberstamp an earlier decision that goods can be brought abroad and delivered to the door with only the duty levied in the country of origin being paid.