Ofcom is either a toothless tiger or a Draconian spoilsport depending on what has been you choise to read this week. 

According to the Daily Mirror, "junk food firms will continue to get away with murder" after the TV regulator missed what it said was a golden opportunity to nip the obesity problem in the bud, while the Daily Mail took a similar tack, quoting health campaigners who accused Ofcom of caving into the powerful food and advertising lobbies. 
But the FT neatly summed up the situation by saying that the proposed ban has upset almost everyone. 

Both the Daily Express and The Independent, meanwhile, were in a more celebratory mood. They happily announced that the Smash advert has been voted the most iconic TV food commercial of all time. Other ads to receive a mention included Just One Cornetto, Cadbury Flake's overflowing bath and the Ferrero Rocher Ambassador's Party, which were all flagged up by us last week as adverts that could never be made today under Ofcom's proposals. 

But the week's best story was in the Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph, which reported on the maker of Welsh Dragon pork sausages who may face legal action because the sausages contain no dragon meat. The Daily Mail played it safe, maybe a little too safe, with the rather pedestrian headline 'Dragon sausages aren't real dragon' but full marks to the Telegraph for its attempt - 'No dragons were used in making these sausages'.