Diet plan snack brand The Food Doctor aims to spread its appeal with a new range of bars.
The company said that its goal was to make consumers able to distinguish its offering, called Food Bar, from the “myriad confectionery-style cereal bars”, which it said were “largely sweetened with or held together with honey or other forms of sugar”.
Instead, its offering is based on puffed quinoa and buckwheat and contains real fruit. It is also unsweetened and boasts a relatively low glycaemic index score because of its high fibre content.
Currently rolling out to a
range of retailers, including Waitrose, Holland & Barrett and Fresh and Wild, the range comes in six flavours, including tomato and chilli, fig and mango and orange and carrot.
Managing director Michael da Costa said: “The tomato and chilli variant has received the most comment, either loved or hated, but we are glad to have been able to introduce a natural savoury alternative to meet the requests of many of our customers.”