SURVEY FINDINGS - 64% of Britons look for convenience foods that are fresh' and unprocessed' - 27% look to see if a convenience food product is preservative-, colouring- or additive-free when consulting a label - 29% check labels to assess the calorie content of convenience foods - 52% say that they are concerned' at the number of ingredients in processed foods - 66% of over-25s agreed that they looked for fresh and unprocessed convenience foods - 32% of women compared to 25% of men look for calorie content - 33% of women compared with 21% of men look whether or not a product is preservative-, colourant- or additive-free Research undertaken using Taylor Nelson Sofres' Phonebus in September, based on a representative sample of 1,007 adults (aged 16 years and over) in Great Britain. {{COVER FEATURE }}