It's official. Despite trying to talk down food price inflation, our annual review of The Grocer 100 Price Index Survey reveals inflation running at 11.8% year-on-year.

None of the big four proved immune to the effects of rocketing commodity and fuel prices but they fared differently in controlling the impact on prices.

While Asda had the cheapest trolley price of £196.21, this was still 12.7% higher than its price a year ago.

Morrisons fared better. It began as third most expensive retailer, but its commitment to lowering prices meant its new £197.61 total is just 9.3% higher. No other retailer had such success in keeping a lid on inflation and it has overtaken Tesco as second cheapest retailer.

Indeed, Tesco's £200.18 trolley rose in price the most over the year, by 15.3%.

It struggled to keep up with arch-rival Asda and spent most of the year tussling with Morrisons for second place. But Tesco finished the year more successfully and was the cheapest retailer throughout May.

Sainsbury's was clearly the priciest of the big four for most of 2007. However, since February, its prices are more aligned with its competitors and its £201.43 trolley may be the highest, but it is just 10% more than last year. It is also closing the gap on Asda: it was 2.7% pricier compared to 5.1% a year ago.