For the first time in three years, out of stocks led to a glitch in our weekly shop. No full baskets means there is no average weekly total to record. The usual culprits' ­ frozen food ­ figure strongly, with no chickens at Waitrose, Monmouth and Sainsbury, Cheadle, and no Home Fries at Tesco, Gateshead.

Large baking spuds were the only loose ones at Somerfield, St Neots, and Safeway, Gamston was awaiting bacon deliveries. 

For the second week running, our south east shopper couldn't buy eggs, this time at Asda. The same went for our Scottish shopper who missed out on sausages for two consecutive weeks, this time at Somerfield, Hamilton, and were also out of stock at Sainsbury. 

Tesco and Somerfield, St Neots, were reeling from the 20% off Australian wine which hit stocks of Jacob's Creek. Somerfield at Hamilton still had stock, however, qualifying for best of the specials, along with Safeway which had 50p off sausages at 69p, 36p off orange juice at 39p and the cheapest apples ­ 22p/454g. 

The only shopping hiccup was on Kleenex tissues. These were scanned wrongly at Somerfield but our eagle eyed Scottish shopper spotted it and was recompensed, but our St Neots shopper missed out and paid £1.69.