Pushed for space The premium packaged spirits category is the rising star in the sector which has stolen sales from almost every other drinks category. Last year sales were up 92%, but can it continue this growth? The answer is probably. In the 12 months to August Nielsen reports category volumes were up 65.9%. The market is led by Bacardi Breezer from Bacardi-Martini, Smirnoff Ice from UDV and WKD from Beverage Brands. It is beginning to be more difficult for new products to join in as the multiples concentrate on the top sellers. Beverage Brands marketing manager Karen Salters says: "They are reducing their numbers by only allowing top sellers according to rate of sale to promote at Christmas and they are moving away from single bottles to multipacks." She believes the PPS category deserves better shelf positioning to reflect its growth rate and consumer demand. "WKD is growing at 75% (volume) in the off-trade and selling 1.5m bottles a week." Beverage Brands is maintaining its position by supporting its brands and through innovation. This autumn it brought out a tequlia based PPS Ca'Quila and has been supporting Woody's Cocktails with a sampling campaign and money off coupons. In an unusual move it has linked up with bra maker Gossard for a cross promotion with Woody's Ice in department stores this autumn. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}