Years ago no one would have confessed to making a cake out of a packet. This was cheating. But all this has changed with the arrival of sophisticated mixes capable of passing muster anywhere. The sector is about to change further as mainstream brands and celebrities enter the market to underscore the changes in quality and perception. McDougalls has launched five Cadbury chocolate cake kits, three of which are Cadbury Land products for kids ­ fudge cake and two Button's branded lines offering generous portions. Commercial director Kate Taylor says: "In the US most homebaked cakes are produced from a mix with consumption per head six times greater than here. "If the UK achieved similar levels, the mixes market would be valued at a massive £150m." Jane Asher has successfully stepped out of the freezer into the home baking aisle with her Home Baking Collection made by Victoria Foods. "Jane Asher is a name that people recognise, trust and associate with cakes," says sales and marketing director Kevin Loftus. "People want to bake more but either don't have the time, or don't know how to do it. "These products only need either an egg, milk or water. We've even included baking cases and trays where needed." New for Christmas is a classic rich fruit cake complete with plastic bowl to bake in, a Stöllen cake, Christmas pudding muffins and a chocolate yule log. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}