Collaborative freight practices can achieve efficiency gains of more than 12%, says eLogistics, which has brought out three variants of Freight, its public online road freight service. Freight is in phased roll-out, with seven shippers and 30 carrier firms using it, and will be launched for public participation in March. The new services include MyFreight, which enables shippers or logistics service providers to improve fleet utilisation and work more efficiently with their existing contractors. Chief executive Richard Hunt says it will bring signficant back office and administrative savings, as well as improved asset utilisation. OurFreight is a collaborative freight management offering for syndicates of user organisations. "Some of the big consumer packaged goods companies are gaining benefits and efficiencies by working together on procurement, so we've applied the same principles to the management of road freight," says Hunt. YourFreight enables companies or individuals to establish their own road freight marketplace in vertical markets or countries. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}