Volcanic roots Evian ­ the bestselling bottled water brand in the world and the overall number one brand in the UK ­ and Volvic, the UK's number two brand, have achieved their status by continuing to emphasise their particular points of difference. Evian Volvic's marketing director David Graham says Evian is sourced from the French Alps and undergoes a filtration process. "This enables the product to boast that is has been purfied by nature over many years. "It also has a unique mineral content, balanced in calcium and magnesium. This is emphasised in this year's media campaign which includes billboard advertising with the strapline It's not what you put on, it's what you put in'." Sourced from the Auvergne volcanic region of France, Volvic continues to promote its volcanic' roots. "Its volcanic personality is reflected in all marketing communication, including current advertising which has the strapline There's definitely something in the water'," says Graham. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}