The cheapest supermarket – and for 14 years in a row

Which is the cheapest supermarket? Over the past 12 months that question has caused so much controversy and generated so many headlines you could be forgiven for expecting the answer to be harder to fathom.

But for the 14th consecutive year, Asda has carried it off. The Grocer 33 is now comparing 2,000 prices every week so no-one could accuse Asda of targeting items of our list and was the cheapest supermarket for 32 weeks this year.

With its supposed EDLP strategy, some of the other multiples have focused their attention on bogofs and other multibuy or extra-free promotion mechanics that aren't recorded in a purely price-driven context such as our survey. But Asda is promoting more than ever, its EDLP+ model enabling it to provide not only discounts but theatre.

As to the rest: Morrisons finished second, climbing up one position on last year, and was the cheapest supermarket 10 times. Tesco falls into third, despite battling it out with Asda and taking an equal share of first-place finishes in recent weeks. If Tesco maintains that fighting spirit in the next 12 months, it could seize the trophy next year.

Neither Sainsbury's nor Waitrose claimed top spot this year, although Sainsbury's came close in week 49, just 55p away from first. And we all when Waitrose stole fourth place one week in March.

The winners