The food and drink industry is celebrating a key ­victory after European legislators performed a u-turn on controversial labelling regulations that would have outlawed selling products by number rather than weight.

When The Grocer highlighted, in June, the oversight in the EU Food Information Regulation ­directive, which would have prevented retailers selling eggs by the dozen or a pack of six bread rolls, industry figures blasted the legislation, labelling it "mad" and "bonkers".

Our story led to a media furore and the issue appears to have got through to the European Council. After months of consultation the Council published fresh proposals containing an amendment that would allow individual states to nominate products that can still be sold by number. The regulations will get a second reading in the European Parliament next year.

"Its looks like common sense has prevailed and we have got what we wanted," said one industry lobbyist. "It was clearly helpful that The Grocer flagged this up at the time."

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