Publication of the FSA’s long-awaited Action Plan should be a wake-up call for the entire food and drink industry.
The FSA wants this to mark the beginning of a new chapter; where we all move away from debate and start taking action.
Whether we like it or not - and many of you don’t - the FSA has got involved in the food and health issue. The industry should stop carping on about the right and wrongs of that, and instead get on with the task in hand.
The FSA has at least shown it is prepared to listen to your concerns, despite huge pressure from countless lobby groups for more draconian measures. So it is now up to you to engage fully with the agency when it starts its dialogue on the targets contained in the plan.
And you must show that you do act responsibly when it comes to marketing to kids. The industry’s many critics are still out there, waiting for you to trip up. It is vital that when promoting to kids, you do not give them they ammunition they are always seeking.
The FSA plan is an important milestone in the whole food and health debate. Next up is Ofcom’s report, after which the government releases its White Paper. We only hope they adopt the same pragmatic approach.