n The Christmas 2002 Puzzle Annual, published by Cottage, goes on sale on October 29 with a cover price of #2.50. Distribution is by Comag. n Men's magazine Front celebrates its 50th issue with the November edition, on sale October 10. The party in a bag' issue is bagged with a bottle of Holsten Fusion, Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodle, packet of Big D peanuts, party hat, A1 poster and competition gold card. The gold card offers the chance to win cash and other prizes. n Future Publishing is launching The Official Championship Manager magazine, dedicated to the videogame series of the same name, which has sold three million copies. The title, produced in conjunction with videogame publisher Eidos, is being timed to coincide with the pre-Christmas period. Cover price is #5.49 and issue one, on sale October 24, has a covermounted CD. Distribution is by Seymour. n New motoring magazine Performance GTI launches on October 17 from Unity Media with a cover price of #3.50. Distribution will be by Comag. n The Beano will carry a series of covermounts for the issues on sale during October including Horror Mix Confectionery, temporary tattoos, Disney's KimPossible Agent Decoder and Drumstick Lolly. Publishing and distribution is by DC Thomson. {{MARKETING }}