The world of ice cream buyers has been turbulent in the last few weeks. Some have moved on, underlining the swift turnover of personnel in the profession. Six of the Best this month brings you some of those who have changed roles as well as some seasoned characters and relative newcomers. One common characteristic, however, is their reliability. Take one supplier’s comments regarding Tesco’s Wendy White: “She is very honest, open to new ideas and you know exactly where you stand.”

Similarly, Asda’s John Wyatt “does exactly what he says he will do on the day he said he would”. Another manufacturer said of
Morrisons’ Mike Lewis: “He might not promise the world, but what he does mention is actioned.”

Common courtesy is an admired trait in the Co-op’s Jenny Clarke. Rather than barking out orders, Clarke prefers two-way communication. As one says: “You can negotiate with her. When she does tweak a plan, she communicates why and you can comment.”

Simon Lewis from Sainsbury received the most nominations for his clarity of communication and support of innovation.

Waitrose’s Nicki Baggott was also praised for her willingness to consider innovative products. One manufacturer added: “She is always looking at ways to challenge the category.”